Spirited Traditional: 
   8:30 AM 

   Lifesongs Contemporary :
9:45 AM  

   Spirited Traditional:
   11:00 AM

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means to show worth to someone or something.  We worship Jesus Christ as the One worthy of our praise.  God calls us to worship Him passionately; with feeling, heart, soul, love, energy.  He is our audience of 1.  Regardless of our ability to sing or our level of understanding of the Bible, God calls us to worship with all our hearts. 

Our purpose, and we believe God’s desire - is to create an environment filled with awesome music that moves our hearts and brings joy.  An environment where we can see that Jesus is real, faith is authentic, & life changes are for the good.  A place where real friends hang out and encourage each other.  Where people can pray and connect with God for all their needs.  Where the Bible is consistently taught and an inspiring message is received that carries into our work and home life.  And how together we can make the most of the life God has blessed us with by sharing our resources to help others in our community and world.
The Bible expresses our purpose:    ‘Blessed be GOD - Who heard me praying.  God’s proved He’s on my side; I’ve thrown my lot in with God.  Now I’m jumping for joy, shouting and singing my thanks’   (Psalm 28:7 The Message).

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